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Envelope Homes

Quality, character and
thought is at the forefront of everything we do

Envelope Homes is a new and different company. We’ve started Envelope because we want to build a new kind of property company. Envelope Homes put people first, our starting point is our future residents. During the evolution of our projects, we make sure that quality, character and thought is at the forefront of everything that we design and everything that we build.

We continue to take pride in our homes even after you move in, so don’t be surprised to find us cleaning a gutter or adjusting a valve years after the development is complete. We care deeply about the benefits of good design and construction, and creating buildings that stand the test of time.

Envelope Homes: Wider kitchen shot
Envelope Homes: Trellis and Leaves
Envelope Homes: Brown Tiles

God is in the detail

—Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

When we design our homes, we make absolutely sure that we deliver on our promise: to use simple and elegant detailing to create a home that is well built and long lasting, and that every property built by Envelope Homes is one that we can all be genuinely proud of for many years to come.

We know that good design and construction should never be skin deep, and that the hidden workings of our buildings are just as important. By adopting robust solutions and rigorous checking procedures, we make sure that we build in longevity from the outset. We are perfectionists and we insist that every Envelope Homes property is finished to the highest standards to give our residents the peace of mind that they deserve.

Envelope Homes: Bathroom Cupboards
Envelope Homes: White Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles
Envelope Homes: Soap Dish

Delivering best value to
our landowners and home
purchasers alike

Acquisitions & Partnerships

By creating better quality homes with identity and character, our developments deliver best value to our landowning partners and home purchasers alike.

Envelope Homes carefully consider every land and development opportunity on its own merits, with a view to seeing how best our approach can add value. Typically new developments will be within London, Zones 1–3, but could also be in any other area where we feel our design-led approach can add real value.

Envelope Homes: Wider Bedroom Shot
Envelope Homes: Wood Panelling
Envelope Homes: Floor Detail


Founder and director of Envelope Homes, Tony Pritchard, qualified and worked as an architect before moving into construction and then property development. Whilst Envelope is still a very new company, his London residential development experience spans many years, and covers every aspect of the development pipeline from site acquisition to planning permission, to construction completion and handover.

Projects that he has brought forward range from single-family homes to large scale flatted residential developments. These developments have delivered private homes, affordable homes, commercial space, and a wide variety of community and religious facilities. We are proud of the improvements that these developments have made to our city, and to the lives of Londoners.


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